How I work


I offer an initial consultation, then fifty minute individualised, tailor-made sessions which are focused around your needs and concerns, and address issues you may want to raise.

These range from weekly arrangements to longer-term monthly sessions. Feelings may present themselves as purely parent/baby-related, or seem more generalised, even hard to define.

In addition to pregnancy and postnatal counselling, I also offer more general counselling to individuals and couples. Couples’ counselling can help partners to gain new relational perspectives and learn effective ways to communicate in order to build trust, re-connect and resolve conflict.


The small, friendly groups range from one-off ‘pre-baby prep’ and ‘post-baby settling’ sessions around themes such as:

  • The emotional and physiological challenges of pregnancy.
  • Fear of labour.
  • Mood swings and hormone fluctuations.
  • Baby sleep settling and routines.
  • Attachment and bonding,
  • Interpreting the language of the newborn.
  • Relationship and identity changes.

Groups take place in baby-friendly relaxed settings in Cardiff and Cowbridge. (baby-changing and feeding facilities available. Tea/coffee provided. Groups usually take place on Saturdays for approximately two hours.)